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In our factory, tons of bolts, screws, and wires are manufactured by our experienced production team, working with careful devotion, as they prepare products for each stage of production. In our well-equipped quality control laboratory, our products are checked through various tests from the first to final stages of production. The approved products are packaged with care and dispatched for delivery to our customers.

Material Input Quality Control

Our production begins with supplying the best wire rod sourced from domestic and foreign rod suppliers. We implement various quality checks before the rods proceed to the production process. After all inspections are completed, the approved wire rods are relabeled and move to the production line.

Raw Material Preparation

Thanks to more than 35 years of experience, we can prepare the wire rod in-house for use in cold forming machines. Firstly, through shot-blasting, we clean and polish the wire surface; then the wire rod is coated with chemicals to improve surface condition. At the next stage, the wire rod is drawn to the desired diameter to be used in fastener production.

Prepari̇ng Raw Material For Cold Formi̇ng

Wire rods drawn in-house then pass to an annealing phase. Here, the wire is annealed in automated atmosphere controlled furnaces in order to spheroidize the material for its easy reshaping in the cold forming workshop. In the final stage of preparing the wire, rod phosphate coating gives it the perfect finish so as to prevent the material from corrosion and wear as it moves to the cold forming stage.

Cold Formi̇ng & Secondary Operations

After the surface treatment of the wire rods is completed, skilled technicians produce standard and special fasteners with high-speed multi station formers. These complex fasteners then move to the secondary operations workshop. Here the fasteners are formed according to the specific requirements of our customers’ requests, through drilling, slotting, center-less grinding, and CNC turning. Fasteners that pass through secondary operations move to the thread-rolling workshop.

Mechani̇cal Speci̇fi̇cati̇ons & Surface Coating

The next stage is hardening, tempering, and differing the quality range of fasteners at fully controlled, continuously working furnaces. Our skilled heat-treatment operators, benefiting from the latest software systems, check furnaces for the temperature, carbon potentials, and hardness test. Finally, when physical characteristics are given to fasteners, the galvanizing surface treatment is applied through fully automatic surface treatment lines to ensure our fasteners are extra corrosion resistant as well as visually perfect. At the last stage, we guarantee that our products are flawless and ready for shipment to our valued customers.

Fi̇nal Quali̇ty Control

Our expert quality control team checks that the products have passed through various tests: Tensile Strength Test, Rockwell Hardness Test, Vickers Hardness Test, Statistical Process Control,Metal Microscope,Material Cut,Grinding-Polishing-Molding,Salt Spray Test,Coating Thickness Test and Charby impact test.
100% Sorting Test, based on our customer request. Approved products are packed in the fully automatic packaging lines according to customer specifications. To ensure safe, efficient delivery, the customer relations team monitors packages from dispatch to the customers’ hands.

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