In 1982, Dega Demir began operations as a medium sized company in the historic Topkapı neighborhood of İstanbul, producing cold heading quality wire . Through the years, Dega Demir became one of the leading companies in its sector because of its principles of quality and customer satisfaction.The Company has continuously innovated its product range, now offering an expansive range of products:

All products are available in various sizes ranging from 10mm to 300 mm in length and 4mm to 30 mm in diameter. The products are manufactured in different quality range from 4.8 to 12.9. Galvanized treatment is carried out in-house and other treatments may be applied based on customer request.

For the future, the Company aims for continuous growth in product line and constant improvements for production processes through incorporating technical innovations. In accordance with the mission and values of the Company, Dega Demir will continue growing through investments in machinery, expanding its production and service capabilities.